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Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki, located in Northern Greece, is the largest city in Macedonia and the second largest in Greece after Athens. It was founded in 316 5 BC. by the Macedonian general Kassandros, who gave the town the name of his wife. Thessaloniki, the "pride" of Thermaikos with so many different cultures, is renowned for its youthfulness, intense nightlife, great sights, delightful food and, of course, the famous White Tower! Get to know all aspects of the most special city of Greece and you will easily understand the reason that makes every traveler fall in love with her from the very first moment! Travel to five-star airfare. Daily flights arrive at Thessaloniki Airport "Macedonia", 15 km southeast of the city. Triumph Car Hire Car Hire offers you the option to pick up the vehicle that fits you directly from Macedonia Airport and transfer directly to the accommodation you have chosen for your stay. Travelers who love trains have the opportunity to reach Thessaloniki with their favorite medium and get off at Thessaloniki's railway station, located a few kilometers away from the center. Again, Triumph Car Hire car rental offers you the rental car of your choice at the station, without any delay. In the historical center of Thessaloniki you will find monuments of different cultures that have been harmoniously coexisting for centuries. Wander to the Galerian complex, a monumental ensemble that was built at the crossroads of the Roman and Byzantine worlds. Check out Kemal Ataturk's house-museum and walk to the picturesque paved Ladadika. Remember that the staff of Triumph Car Hire Thessaloniki, with significant experience in car rental, is always willing to help you with anything you need. Take a unique stroll to Thessaloniki's cosmopolitan beach reaching the trademark of the city, the White Tower. Photograph on this fortification project of Ottoman construction and learn a few things about the history of the city in the exhibition that exists inside it. Temporarily leave your rental car from Triumph Car Hire Thessaloniki, and browse the famous Aristotelous Square to enjoy your coffee. The wonderful shopping street of Tsimiski Street invites you to start shopping, while in the area of ​​Ano Poli you can discover the most traditional settlement of Thessaloniki. Get married from the nightlife of the city! In Ladadika you will find many bars, beer houses, nightclubs and countless options for fantastic food in traditional shops, restaurants and restaurants. Do not forget to have fun at the favorite part of the student community. The hidden square of Bit Bazar is located north of Aristotelous Square and can give you an exceptionally warm atmosphere with delicious appetizers and a glass of wine. Car rental from Triumph Car Hire gives you the opportunity to visit other amazing areas, far from the city center. In the area of ​​Ano Touba, the central square would be a delightful destination, as well as between Kato Touba and Pilea, there are beautiful green areas suitable for hiking and cycling! Get off at the Triumph Car Hire car rental and reach comfort and safety in Panorama, a region east of Pilea. Here you will have the chance to enjoy unbelievable natural beauty and the most spectacular views of Thermaikos gulf! Do not forget to taste the popular triangles of Panorama and if you want to buy some to offer your loved ones. They will definitely appreciate them indefinitely! Visit the beautiful Stavroupoli on the northwest side of the city with the car rental from Triumph Car Hire Thessaloniki. Explore the Stavropoli Botanical Garden, which is a green lung for the entire Thessaloniki complex. Travel to Thessaloniki, get to know more places and allow the most attractive city of Macedonia to win you with its charm! Your ally in this demanding trip, the incomparable services of the Triumph Car Hire!

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